ALL WIN COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION is a community based service delivery organization working with the most needy families and communities .

the work of this organization is to identify and support the educational activities targeting the children,students ,women groups,ECD center..

apart from the educational initiatives it also focused on the provision and management of natural resources that support the humanity in all aspect of life.

the centers mission is to transform the community through the provision of education ,capacity building on HIV/AIDS and the use of feeding, program me as a tool for educational motivation for the beneficiaries.

the community out reach programs is again targeting the community women groups and youth groups with the very relevant community development agendas .

a community revolving loan fund commonly known as table banking is very popular with the community women enterprises in the community.

the ORGANIZATION  in working with community based groups like women groups,youth groups,children centers, community church organizations and the amorphous community based institutions.

our challenges are based on the service delivery network and i identified as follows;inconsistent feeding programs that affects the education of beneficiaries,lack of enough stationary,volunteer teaching staffs,lack of a modern conservative jiko for cooking ,dilapidated class rooms that needs face lifts,adequate water tank for water storage and a modern kitchen with up to date facilities to enhance education.

the project future strategic plan is to have an educational complex for over 1000 poor beneficiaries from the community.

its because of the above challenges that the project is looking for strategic partners for development.our strength is the overwhelming community support and the desire for poor beneficiaries looking for an opportunity to get education at whatever cost.

the project is considering developing proper food security program me that will support the community school and the women in support groups.

when its wet the toilets are very pathetic and need to be raised so that the children can feel comfortable.